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MRI Scan in Dubai | Up To 20% Discount | Multiple Locations

MRI Scan

Add-on Contrast for MRI
AED 550
Breast MRI without contrast
AED 1800
Brain MRI
AED 1675
AED 800
Orbit MRI
AED 1675
Pituitary MRI
AED 1675
AED 1675
Neck MRI
AED 1675
Thyroid MRI
AED 1675
Brachial Plexus MRI
AED 1675
Extremity - Upper Other MRI (per each Left or Right)
AED 1675
Shoulder MRI (per each Left or Right)
AED 1675

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Most MRI machine as a large, tube shaped that uses a magnet, radio waves and a computer to produce detailed pictures of internal body without radiation.  A non-invasive way to help doctors diagnose and monitor disease. MRI can tell the difference between diseased tissue and normal tissue better than X-Ray, CT and ultrasound

The scan takes around 20 – 45 minutes and may involve a injecting a dye to enhance details.

The images can be reviewed on a computer monitor. They may also be sent electronically, printed or copied to a CD, or uploaded to a digital cloud server

Guidelines about eating and drinking before an MRI vary between specific exams and facilities.

Inform your doctor if you have Implants or Devises in your body, Tattoos, Permanent Makeup, Kidney or Liver problems, Pregnant or Breastfeeding.


  • Functional MRI: - A special type of MRI of the brain (fMRI). It produces images of blood flow to certain areas of the brain. It can be used to examine the brain's anatomy and determine which parts of the brain are handling critical functions.
  • Full Body Diffusion MRI: -  Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DW-MRI) is a useful and attractive technique for evaluation of cancer patients
  • MRI with Contrast – During the procedure a dye is injected in your arm, to assist in adding clarity and decipherability to your MRI image.  Usually fasting for 8-10 hours.
  • MRI of the heart and blood vessels helps assess:

  1. Size and function of the heart's chambers
  2. Thickness and movement of the walls of the heart
  3. Extent of damage caused by heart attacks or heart disease
  4. Structural problems in the aorta, such as aneurysms or dissections
  5. Inflammation or blockages in the blood vessels

  • MRI of Breast can be used with mammography to detect breast cancer, particularly in women who have dense breast tissue or who might be at high risk of the disease.
  • MRI of Other Internal Organs can check for tumour’s or other abnormalities of many organs in the body, such as Liver and bile ducts, Kidneys, Spleen, Pancreas, Uterus. Ovaries. Prostate
  • MRI of Bones and Joints can help evaluate joint abnormalities caused by traumatic or repetitive injuries, such as torn cartilage or ligaments such as Disk abnormalities in the spine, Bone infections Tumors of the bones and soft tissues